MLK: A Visionary Dream

When the USS Enterprise launched in 1966 it was with great trepidation and eternal hope. Star Trek, after all, was more than a sci-fi television show, it was an experiment in humanism. Through smart storytelling and ambiguous celestial backdrops Star Trek told stories whose meanings and morals hold true today, from war to racism to the power of love. “Starship Earth” became a beacon of acceptance and understanding for generations and our heroes taught us to embrace the core philosophy of Star Trek – IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations).

In the 1960’s heroes weren’t only on the small screen. In fact, there was one visionary who dreamt of a better tomorrow for all mankind. This person believed, heart and soul, that there must be a better way. He worked tirelessly and altruistically to make the world a better place, to unlock that place deep in our hearts where the human spirit burned the brightest, to make humanity better.

Fifty years ago today Martin Luther King Jr. endeavored to bring together a divided nation. This speech, this philosophy, this man would in fact change the country. Gather your children and watch this video together. Use it as a teaching moment about tolerance, acceptance, and understanding.

How do you change the world? One undeniable universal truth at a time.

by Deyvid