Live Shows Kick Off Today at 11am PST begins its schedule of Live Broadcasts starting today!

Kicking off the day at 11am Pacific Standard Time (7pm GMT, 2pm EST), station manager Zach Nicodemous will be joined by his Hailing Frequency co-host along with STO-Radio DJ, Risa, for a 2 hour show that will see a great selection of music and chat.

During this slot, we will announce the winners of the STO Poster competition that has been running for the past week over at

In addition, we will be giving away several retail keys for Star Trek Online which come with 30 days of play time, and a range of other items including a total 100,000 STO Energy Credits, and much more!

Following this, at 1pm PST (9pm GMT, 4pm EST), DJ Delta122 will hit the air with his 2 hour premiere show, which is sure to get your all pumped with his unique selection of music.

At 4pm PST (11pm GMT, 7pm EST) it will be over to DJ Anders who will keep you all rocking and rolling for another 2 hour show!

Its going to be a really great day – so be sure to tune in whereever you are, and be sure to keep “Star Trek Online” fired up and your ships in range of Sol, because at least one of our giveaways will be taking place on either Andor, Risa or Vulan (final destination to be announced on air).     Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your fleets and guilds, wether you are human, klingon, romulan, reman, borg or even undine, we will have something for you today, Saturday 10th of July at!

Also, for all fleets and guilds, we have a Fleet Directory available at – we recommend you all add your fleets and guilds as soon as possible.   Our combined network of sites gets over ten thousand visitors per month and adding your fleet could really help you recruit new members, and help indivudials find a suitable guild to join!

by Trek Radio Staff