Legacy of Romulus

After a much-hyped and anticipated countdown, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World have announced the first expansion to Star Trek Online coming May 21, 2013: Legacy of Romulus.

Cryptic developers had said this update was so big and game-changing they would not call it Season 8; instead dubbing it “Big Update”, then officially referring to it as STO’s first expansion. After the announcement, we can see why.

After three years, STO players will be able to play as a Romulan or Reman with the addition of the Romulan Republic — STO’s new, third faction. Klingon Defense Force players will also finally be able to start a new Klingon faction character at level one and progress to level 50. In addition to the inclusion of the new Romulan faction and expanding the Klingon faction, the “Legacy of Romulus” expansion will also introduce new features and update existing elements in the game.

The game’s User Interface will be updated with new aesthetics and functionality, and the character creation screen will be completely overhauled. New traits, reputations, and enemies will provide players more content through which to progress. Another significant addition is the first appearance of Empress Sela in STO, voiced by Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Denise Crosby, who recently reprised her role as Tasha Yar during STO’s third anniversary.

Like many other Star Trek fans, we’re eagerly anticipating the launch of “Legacy of Romulus.”

To celebrate the expansion of Star Trek Online, Trek Radio is working with our podcasting partners to bring you exclusive interviews with several STO developers behind “Legacy of Romulus”. Look for exciting new dev interviews to debut soon on the STO-related podcasts airing live every week on Trek Radio: Priority One, Podcast UGC, and STOked Radio.

Watch the Legacy of Romulus Teaser Trailer:

by Deyvid