Klingon Pop Warrior (UPDATED)

Klingon Pop Warrior

The Klingon Pop Warrior is bringing glorious Klingon songs to music lovers across the galaxy.

UPDATE 2: All of the download codes, CDs, and perks have been sent out to the Kickstarter supporters. If you missed the chance to donate to the Kickstarter but still want the songs, you can purchase the songs from Amazon, iTunes, and GooglePlay.

UPDATE: The stretch goals for the bonus tracks have been met. Everyone who contributed $5 or more will receive DRM-free downloads of all 6 songs. We would like to congratulate Jen Usellis on a successful campaign. Qapla’!

Actress and singer Jen Usellis, a.k.a. jenbom, launched the Klingon Pop Warrior Music Project Kickstarter campaign to facilitate the production of professional studio quality renditions of popular songs — entirely in the Klingon language, tlhIngan Hol. The campaign has met the main goal which will cover the cost of the first four songs translated (or “restored”) to Klingon. Along with upgraded packaging and a greater number of CDs produced, the stretch goals cover the cost of the two bonus tracks.

The Klingon Pop Warrior herself has provided Trek Radio with exclusive sample clips of the songs which can be heard via the links below. (If the Play buttons do not appear next to the song titles, see the note at the bottom of the page.)


“Kiss Me” – Six Pence None The Richer

bangwI’ wa’logh HIqIpqa’

“…Baby One More Time” – Britney Spears

taH tIqwIj

“My Heart Will Go On” – Celine Dion


“Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen

parmaq qab

“Bad Romance” – Lady Gaga

che’ron ‘oH parmaq’e’

“Love Is A Battlefield” – Pat Benatar


There is less than a week remaining until the campaign deadline on October 4, 2014. To view the full details of the campaign including the perks for backers, the stretch goals and more, visit and share the link with fellow Klingon warriors and Star Trek fans.

Not only does jenbom sing skillfully and powerfully as a vocalist, she also sings the Klingon lyrics honorably. The Klingon language featured in the songs is legitimate and accurate tlhIngan Hol. Jen collaborated with highly skilled linguists including Christopher Kidder-Mostrom, Chris Lipscombe (qurgh), and Felix Malmenbeck (loghaD).

In 2013, Jen performed HIchop (“Bite Me”), a parody version of Six Pence None The Richer’s song “Kiss Me” for the Improvised Star Trek podcast, and later released a YouTube video for the song which went viral in the Star Trek fan community and on sites like TeamCoco, BuzzFeed, The Mary Sue and others. The Klingon Pop Warrior project will feature a studio quality re-recording of the song.

Jen Usellis was featured on a recent G & T Show Supplemental Log discussing the Klingon Pop Warrior Music Project as well has her previous work in theater, including Commedia Beauregard‘s A Klingon Christmas Carol. In true G & T Show fashion, the topic of conversation shifts into “squirrel moment” tangents with a few “colorful metaphors” provided by Gettysburg earning the “mature content” warning.

Visit to learn more about her, and follow her Twitter. Like and share the official Klingon Pop Warrior Facebook page.



NOTE: If the Play buttons do not appear next to the song titles, make sure the URL in the browser’s navigation bar does not include a pound sign ( # ). If you see /#/ in the URL, delete the /# so the URL is then click the link again. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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