Interview Tomorrow with Daniel Stahl!

Following the announcement that Craig Zinkevich is stepping down as the Executive Producer of Star Trek Online. we have an interview coming up with the new executive producer of Star Trek Online, Daniel Stahl.

Daniel took over from Craig Zinkevich late last week as Craig announced that he was taking a leave of absense from Cryptic Studios to go and spend more time with his family, goat and bees – so we quickly got in touch to line up this interview with Daniel, who is now in charge of all things Star Trek Online!

The interview will be recorded tomorrow, Friday 9th July at 6pm GMT, so untl 4pm GMT tomorrow, we will be allowing members of the community to send in any and all questions they might have for Daniel!

Just post your questions in the comments / response section to this news posting, and we will make sure they get asked!

by Trek Radio Staff