Interview: Behind Glass Walls

On Saturday, May 3 at 12pm ET (9am PT / 5pm BST), R. Dana Browne joins us live on-air to discuss his upcoming short film, Behind Glass Walls.

Behind Glass Walls is a romantic dramedy based on actual events. The universal message of the story is the breaking down of our personal walls and becoming more of what we can, and want to be. Everyone has walls. Of course, for each of us these barriers take on very different and individualized forms. Whether romantic, financial, familial or occupational, our walls can either disrupt our lives or provide the opportunity for inspired breakthroughs.

The hope in producing this film is to both entertain and inspire the audience through the true story of a man who overcomes his wall of fear and takes a huge risk… for love.

This touching short film stars writer R. Dana Browne, Christopher Atkins, Samantha Siong, Star Trek alum Tucker Smallwood (VOY, ENT), and Star Trek legend Nichelle Nichols.

An Indiegogo campain has been launched to fund the project, running from May 2 to June 6, 2014 with a $25,000 goal.

To honor Sarah Elizabeth Jones who recently perished in a tragic train accident on a film set, 5% of funds received on this campaign are being donated to the BCHS Foundation Sarah Jones Education Scholarship Fund. Her loss has brought the film community together and the creators of Behind Glass Walls want to honor her spirit by encouraging talented artists to pursue their dreams in front of or behind the camera.

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by Deyvid