Henglaar MD 1×05 to premiere on Trek Radio!

Trek Radio is happy to announce that it has teamed up with Hidden Frontier Productions to bring you an exclusive worldwide premiere of thhe latest episode of its audio show “Henglaar MD”.

Henglaar MD, Episode 5 titled “Profit without Honor” will premiere on Trek Radio on Saturday 19th February at 12pm PST (Pacific Standard Time) and be repeated at 9pm PST.  The premiere will be preceeded by a marathon of the previous four episodes of the hit show which will run from 8.30am until 11am PST.

At 11am PST, Executive Producer David Hill will join us for a live interview where YOU will have a chance to ask your questions regarding Henglaar MD or indeed the wider range of Hidden Frontier Productions.   At 12pm Midday, “Profit without Honor” will premiere and following the premiere, David will join us for a little while longer to discuss the new episode and talk about what is next for Henglaar MD!

Be sure to join us for this hit event and do not miss the worldwide premiere of Henglaar MD episode five!

About Henglaar MD

Henglaar MD tells the tale of everyone’s favorite Tellarite Doctor as he copes with the loss of Myra Elbrey and tries to instill some work ethic back into a young team of medical students.

About Hidden Frontier Productions

Hidden Frontier Productions have been producing Star Trek fan shows for over 10 years, including Star Trek: Hidden Frontier which ran for seven seasons, Star Trek Odyssey currently in its third season and Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles currently in its second season.  You can watch any of these shows at  In addition, they currently produce several Star Trek Audio Fictions and currently produce an original video series, Frontier Guard.  Visit Hidden Frontier Productions at

by Trek Radio Staff