Harmless Content Season 2 Premiere

This Sunday, September 30th at 10pm EDT, and Wednesday, October 3rd, 12pm EDT, DJ Atomos and the crew of the U.S.S. Watchtower will kick off Season II of the Harmless Content Transmission.

Launched January 9, 2011 on Trek Radio, the Harmless Content Transmission introduced the audience to a wide variety of different music and included a storyline that revolved around the captain and crew of the Galaxy-class starship, U.S.S. Watchtower. From the beginning fans of Star Trek recognized this Trek adventure was a little different than the usual.

Set in the Star Trek Online universe, the main storyline revolves around a cryptic, liberated Borg captain and his crew of malcontents. As the story progresses, the audience finds out the crew is given the opportunity to have their sentences reduced under one condition: they must volunteer to join the Watchtower in a secret project known only as “Delinquent Starship.” This project launches as an attempt by Starfleet to hold off the brutal advances of the Klingon Empire during the war of 2409. Unknown to many of the crew, the U.S.S. Watchtower is not meant to return from the frontlines. Set with this impossible mission, the Federation misfits manage to elude almost certain destruction at every turn.

Throughout Season I, the audience learns that Captain Atomos is on a secondary mission. This classified undertaking involves the recovery of counterculture music, art, and literature, originally banned by the Khan Empire during the Eugenics Wars of the 1990’s. The material that is broadcast on the Harmless Content Transmission is that very data.

Harmless Content features a wide range of material including punk, ska, classic rock, hip hop, jazz, poetry, classical, comedy, and just about anything you can imagine. The music reflects the innovative storyline that explores the counterculture, and boldly takes you to places no one has gone before.

by Deyvid