Happy Star Trek Day

Happy Star Trek Day!

Today, April 5 is a significant “pre-anniversary” marking 50 years before that fateful day when Zefram Cochrane’s first warp flight and subsequent Vulcan visitation causes the future of the human species to turn an important and indelible corner. So how do we celebrate such an iconic date? By using it as a rallying point for the expression of our love for Star Trek of course!

From now until the end of days let April 5th be known to everyone as Star Trek Day: A Fandom Inspired Holiday celebrating the science fiction phenomenon known throughout the galaxy as Star Trek. Establishing April 5 as Star Trek Day will give Trek fans worldwide a day to come together to celebrate our love for Star Trek and the Roddenberry vision of a better tomorrow. One of the goals for Star Trek Day is for mainstream community organizations and governmental agencies to support Star Trek and the IDIC philosophy – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination.

Through coordination with fan clubs, local events, charitable organizations, and governmental agencies it’s our goal to have April 5th recognized internationally as the Official Star Trek Day.

So don your Trek-themed costumes and join your fellow fans in coming together on Star Trek Day with activities such as Star Trek viewing parties, charitable events, and more! Let us know what you have planned and how you are celebrating this inaugural Star Trek Day! Join us on Facebook and Twitter as we get the word out about one of our favorite science fiction franchises and this new fan-made holiday celebrating Star Trek! Tell the world what Star Trek means to you and invite others to share the love of Star Trek. Be sure to use the hashtag #StarTrekDay!

by Deyvid