Happy New Year

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Should old acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot
And auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne
We’ll take a cup of kindness yet
For auld lang syne, for auld lang syne

Yeah, I don’t know what all of that means, but I kinda like the part about kindness. 2011 has been kind to us. In fact, it has been a banner year for Trek Radio. We celebrated the first of what will be many anniversaries. We traveled the globe, from Dusseldorf to Las Vegas, to bring you the best, hands-on coverage of all the latest and greatest Star Trek and Sci-Fi inspired events.

We have brought the Legends to your doorstep. We were honored this year to speak with the likes of Scott Bakula, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Doug Drexler, Larry Nemecek, David Mack, Rick Sternbach, Rod Roddenberry, Richard Hatch, Dan Stahl, Christine Thompson, Geoff Notkin, Lawrence Schoen, and so many other visionaries I just don’t have the room to list them all.

We were the first station to stream live back to back concerts from Sci-Fried and Warp 11 as part of our annual Ectopalooza Halloween Weekend.

We took you inside the Gorilla Tango Theatre in Chicago for a hands-on screening of Boobs of Khan: A Star Trek Burlesque. Ok, well not exactly a hands-on, since they frown on that, but we still boldly went where no fan has gone before.

We’ve partnered with incredibly talented and gifted members of the Trek community to bring you groundbreaking Audio Fictions and original programming.

The list can go on and on, but I’ll stop it right there and take a moment to reflect on what was perhaps Trek Radio’s greatest accomplishment of 2011.


It is you, the listener, who has honored us above all. You who let us into your life by streaming us live in the car, while running on the treadmill, instead of finishing that TPS Report at work, while sitting at your computer, and everywhere in between. You are the green blood that pumps through our veins… and dare I say it… the wind beneath our wing… er… nacelles! Thank you.

We look forward to another incredible year and hope to continue having you by our side. From all of us here at Trek Radio, we wish you only the best and brightest New Year.

by Deyvid