Happy Birthday Star Trek Online!

Two years ago, Star Trek warped from the static to the digital frontier. Since the launch of Star Trek Online we have explored strange new worlds, immersing ourselves in alien vistas we had previously only imagined. We have sought out new life and interacted with a varying array of new civilizations. We have boldly gone where no game has taken us before.

To honor this monumental anniversary, Trek Radio is leaving no tribble unturned to make sure this is a celebration they’ll be talking about from Earth all the way in the Delta Quadrant.

The good folks at Cryptic will be commissioning the new Odyssey Class Cruiser (designed by Adam Ihle with in-game modifications by art staff Adam “CapnLogan” Williams) and the Klingon BortaS on February 2nd. As part of the festivities Adam Ihle will be live in studio at 3pm PST / 6pm EST to talk about the design process and the overwhelming buzz surrounding the additions of these two Flagships.

And who in good conscience would commission two such mighty vessels without first taking them out for a good old fashioned shakedown cruise? Trek Radio will be hosting a Flagship PvP Event, pitting titan against titan. That’s right, a Battle Royale to determine just who is the biggest kid on the block.

Can’t make it to the birthday celebration? TrekRadioTV will be streaming the day’s events as well as our live PvP Flagship Rumble on our Livestream channel.

So join us all day as we party like it’s 2409!

by Deyvid