Happy Anniversaries, Star Trek!

September 8 is a date which changed the world forever — though some at that time may not have been fully aware of the ineffable impact that Thursday would bring.

On this day in 1966, “Starship Earth” launched into the hearts and minds of humanity as viewers tuned in to NBC and watched “The Man Trap”, the debut episode of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek. The series, pitched as “Wagon Train to the stars,” would become a shining beacon of optimism, tolerance, and progress even to this day. While 2016 will celebrate the 50th anniversary, this year marks a very special anniversary of Star Trek: the 47th anniversary. If fans aren’t aware why the 47th anniversary is significant for Star Trek, a quick trip to Memory Alpha will illustrate the legend of 47.

While many fans continue to debate and compare the merits of the subsequent television series, the first spin-off of Star Trek deserves special recognition on this day as well. Beginning September 8, 1973, Star Trek: The Animated Series debuted 40 years ago today with the episode “Beyond the Farthest Star.” A Filmation production, the Animated Series featured the voices of seven Original Series cast members, often including scripts written by Original Series writers. Though the animation style may seem dated by today’s high standards, fans still enjoy the continuing voyages of the USS Enterprise in the animated adventures of Captain Kirk and crew.

In the year 2013, Star Trek is still boldly going and Trek fandom continues to grow. We would like to Gene Roddenberry, the cast and crew, and everyone involved in bringing Star Trek to the world — from 1966 to 2013 and beyond.

Happy 47th Anniversary Star Trek!   Happy 40th Anniversary Star Trek: The Animated Series!

by Deyvid