Frakes live on Trek Radio

Jonathan Frakes is best known as Commander William T. Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager and four Star Trek movies. Frakes has voiced himself on Fox’s Family Guy and David Xanatos on Disney’s Gargoyles. Frakes has been a regular on a number of soap operas and television series. Most recently, he appeared on Criminal Minds and NCIS: Los Angeles. Fresh from working on upcoming episodes of the TNT hit show Leverage, veteran actor and director Jonathan Frakes will join Trek Radio for an exclusive live interview, marking the first time “Number One” will appear live on the online radio station dedicated to the Star Trek and Sci-Fi community.

When: Friday, July 20, 2012, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT/2am GMT

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by Risa Suraya