First Time Trekker Tweets Trek

For decades fans of Star Trek and science fiction have expressed their fandom in numerous ways, and in this digital age of online interaction fans have even more outlets to share their passions. One of these outlets is Twitter.

As long-time Trek fans discuss and debate their favorite franchise, @FirstTimeTrek Tweets about Star Trek as she is seeing it for the first time. Describing herself as a “geek who has never seen Star Trek,” “First Time Trekker” Andi decided to watch all of Star Trek and Tweet about it as she watches the episodes. Beginning with Star Trek: The Next Generation, she has Tweeted comments, questions, and jokes often accompanied by screencaps of the related scenes. Her sense of humor (which often includes “colorful metaphors” and adult language) and fresh perspective on the episodes has led to nearly unanimous support from long-time fans who follow along with her Tweets reliving the episodes and anticipating her reactions to memorable moments. While celebrating all that makes Star Trek great, she also pulls no punches in pointing out the plot holes and problems with some episodes.

First Time Trekker has enjoyed the majority of Trek she has watched so far; and has created a list of her top ten favorite episodes of TNG, as well as a few of her least favorite (in no particular order).

Most Favorite:

  • Measure of a Man
  • Best of Both Worlds
  • The Wounded
  • Darmok
  • The Outcast
  • I, Borg
  • Lower Decks
  • Deja Q
  • Dark Page
  • All Good Things
Least Favorite:

  • Code of Honor
  • Angel One
  • Skin of Evil
  • The Child

She has finished the entire TNG series and has started watching the original (remastered) Star Trek series. After TOS she intends to watch the TOS and TNG films before moving to the remaining television series.

Below are a few Tweets as examples.

Andi is a special guest on episode 133 of All Things Trek airs live on Trek Radio every Saturday at 1pm PT, 4pm ET. Follow @FirstTimeTrek on Twitter to journey with her through the Star Trek universe.

by Deyvid