Final Chance to Submit Questions for: Nicole de Boer, Garrett Wang, Robert McNeill, David Mack & GameForge!

In just under three days, Trek Radio will be attending FedCon in Dusseldorf, Germany and as part of our coverage of the event, we will be recording interviews with several famous Star Trek alumni including:

  • Nicole de Boer (Ezri Dax)
  • Garrett Wang (Harry Kim)
  • Robert McNeill (Tom Paris)
  • David Mack (Author)
  • In addition, an exclusive interview with GameForge / Keen Games regarding Star Trek: Infinite Space

As always, Trek Radio has offered YOU the oppurtunity to send in your questions for these interviews and the deadline for submission of your questions is approaching fast!   The final deadline for you to send in questions is Tuesday, April 26th at 6pm GMT!

If you have questions for any of the above folks, submit them to “” with the subject “FedCon Questions” – be sure to include your name and who the question is for!

Starting from Wednesday, 27th April, be sure to tune in to Trek Radio for regular FedCon Road Reports, keep an eye on our Twitter for Twitter updates, our Facebook Page and Flickr account for photos, and our YouTube for exclusive FedCon videos!

by Trek Radio Staff