FedCon XX – Day 3 – Summary

Day 3 of FedCon was yesterday and was perhaps a little slower for Star Trek fans then previous days, with only two or three Star Trek panels, from Nicole de Boer, David Mack and Scott Bakula.

Nicole was a little nervous at the start of her panel however with the help of Trek Radio’s starting question, the nerves quickly vanished and she went on to have a fantastic panel.  We had asked her about her final scenes in DS9, with Alexander Siddig in bed and of course one of the very final shots in Vic Fontaines bar.   She reported that Alexander Siddig is a great kisser.

During Scott Bakula’s second set, we have some wonderful but slightly barmy questions from the audience, including a question about having his character from Quantum Leap jumping into Archer in Enterprise and another question about where he would go if he could time travel once, one way without a return trip.

At the end of his set, he sang us a few lines of a song and then left the stage only to return a few seconds later to officially promote Garrett Wang, who has been under heavy fire at FedCon over his rank of ensign, from ensign to Lieutenant.  Great stuff!

Day 4 coverage will be starting soon and will include coverage on a couple of great joint sets coming up and the closing ceremony.

by Trek Radio Staff