FedCon XX Day 2 – Scott Bakula

One of the main Star Trek panels of FedCon XX this year is the rare appearence of Scott Bakula, Captain Jonathan Archer from Enterprise.  Bakula appeared on Trek Radio a few weeks ago for a short telephone interview, so if you missed that please check it out.

Welcomed onto the stage with thuderous applaus, Bakula was instantly made to feel at home as questions kept coming from fans in Enterprise uniforms – “I keep seeing my uniforms” he said.

Bakula was asked several times by the audience to sing and did wonderfuly render a few lines from songs such as “Imagine”, “Volaire” and “Faith of Heart”, the enterprise theme tune – “fans in the US hate the enterprise theme tune, but fans from Europe love it – personally I love it too” he said!

During the panel, one audience member asked him which was his favorite episode to which he responded “In a Mirror Darkly”, however Trek Radio later asked him why that was his favorite episode pointing out that he died in it.  We also took the oppurtunity to get in some defense for the rank of “Ensign” which had been under fire for the last two days (by guests taunting Garrett Wang over never being promoted) by pointing out that it was Ensign Sato who outsmarted him and other to become Empress of the Mirror Empire!

All in all, an absolutely fantastic panel from Bakula and we will definetly be there to see him again on Day 3! Here are some photos!

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by Trek Radio Staff