FedCon XX Day 2 – Roundup

After returning to my Hotel room last night I was running on 5 hours of sleep for the last 2 days combined, so to say that I was quite tired was an understatement.  I hope you can forgive me for passing out and not writing the Day 2 roundup until now!

From the getgo, it was obvious that Day 2 of FedCon was going to be huge compared to Day 1.  From 8.30am there were huge queues of people waiting to get in (things open up at 9.15am), there were more costumes, more people, more noise, more girls, everything!

Richard Dean Anderson, Paul Mcgillion, Scott Bakula, Robert McNeill and Marina Sirtis were certainly our favourite panels of the day and generally speaking, we’ve met some wonderful people that we will hopefully remain friends with for years and years to come.

As Master of Ceremonies, Garrett Wang appears frequently on the stage with hilarious comments here and quiet quips there, very funny indeed – during the McNeill panel, Wang was on stage almost as much as McNeill so we are very much looking forward to their joint panel on Sunday.

Here are some more general photos from Day 2, enjoy and stay tuned for our Day 3 coverage starting soon!

by Trek Radio Staff