FedCon XX Day 2 – Richard Dean Anderson

Of course we do realize that Richard Dean Anderson is from totally the wrong franchise, but to be honest, the guy is such a legend that it would be a crime not to write a little about his first one hour panel at FedCon in Dusseldorf, Germany.

We tweeted all through his panel yesterday with highlights from his panel – it started out with a surprise for Richard, when he first came on stage as over 300 costumed Stargate fans were brought onto the stage in his honor with characters including SGC personel, Atlantis personel, Baal, Jaffa, Gou’ald, a Gou’ald Queen, Wraith and much much more.   “I just wasn’t expecting this” said Anderson.

During his panel, there did seem to be a few rather eccentic fan questions with one fan even being booed away by the audience at one point however its safe to say that Anderson was one of the stars of day 2.

We have some photos from his panel that can be found here, please enjoy!

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by Trek Radio Staff