FedCon XX – A Look at Infinite Space + Interview coming Tomorrow [photos, video]

Whilst at FedCon XX in Dusseldorf last week, Trek Radio spent a huge amount of time hanging out with the team from Infinite Space, learning about the game, playing the available demo missions and getting top secret sneak peaks into areas of the game that we arn’t allowed to talk about right now!

During the 4 day period, DJ Bear and I must have clocked up around 2 hours of play time on the 3 demo missions of Infinite Space that were available at the convention and we honestly have to say that we are very impressed with the game.   The build of the game on display was pre-alpha so obviously it had its share of issues, however, if you blot those out of your memory for a moment, you are left with a very fun, very exciting and very interesting Star Trek game.

Speaking to members of the public around the Infinite Space booth that played the game, the thing that shocked so many people was that Infinite Space is a browser based games.   When most folks played the game for the first time, it was in full screen mode and so many people commented on how awesome the graphics are.  It was around this point that the developers chose to hit the “ESC” button to reveal that the game was taking place inside the browser; the look of awe that washed over everybodies face at this moment was completely fantastic.

The second moment of awe occured just a few seconds later when people asked that inevitable next question; how much is it going to be?  Folks almost fell of their chairs when told it would be free.

Here is a sneak peak at Infinite Space and the reactions of a couple of people that were playing it – check out this video and then read on after the jump!

Available in Full HD at

Hope you enjoyed the video.  Now, just to bottom line this for all of the people reading here, Star Trek Gamers are literally being handed a triple A massivley multiplayer game here, with fantastic graphics, playable from anywhere, in any browser that supports flash and the Unity3D engine, for absolutely nothing.  This game is absolutely awesome and its absolutely free.   What more can we say?   Well, there is one more thing we can say………..Girls like to play this game… girls.

Here are a handful of pictures that we took at the booth and please keep an eye on tomorrow when we will be releasing an extensive and exclusive 35 minute interview with 2 of the games lead developers, Felix and Phillip, with occasional appearences by the head of PR for the game, Holger Zimmerman.  The first 15 minutes of the interview will be available in video format on YouTube with the entire 35 minute interview for download as an MP3 in our on-demand section here are Trek Radio.   See you tomorrow folks!

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by Trek Radio Staff