Fedcon Day 2 – Robert Duncan McNeill

A couple of moments ago, Robert McNeill finished his first panel here at FedCon in Dusseldorf, Germany and what a funny panel it was.  During the panel, McNeill talked about his current work on Chuck, which is currently on the bubble meaning they have no idea if they’ll be back for a new season.  He also talked about his experiences working on Voyager including an instance where he found some glue that looks just like snot, and decided to smear it over his face much to the dismay of the cast when they saw it.   “Kate Mulgrew just yelled out in digust, grabbed a bunch of Kleenex and told me to clean my face right away” he said to thunderous laughter from the crowd.

During the panel, Voyager co-star Garret Wang popped out several times to harrass his friend, however McNeill got his revenge by quipping that he went from Lieutenant to Ensign and back to Lieutenant again over the course of the show, while Wang stayed an Ensign for the whole seven seasons.  Wang popped his head through the Stargate with a sad look on his face.

Photos from the panel can be found by clicking here and more FedCon XX coverage will be coming throughout the day, so check back every hour!!

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by Trek Radio Staff