Feature Series: Halloween Make-up Tutorial

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to decide what you’re going to do for this year. Creating a great science fiction look can be deadly, but you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to master this killer look!

Instead, try this step-by-step tutorial from Joel Harlow (Make-up Designer) and Richie Alonzo (Lead Make-up Artist) to achieve Jaylah’s look from Star Trek Beyond — plus, shockingly enough, this look takes less than 10 minutes to do!

What you’ll need before getting started:stb-jaylah

  • Spirit gum
  • White cream foundation
  • No color powder
  • White aqua color foundation
  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Black aqua color paint
  • Beige lip liner
  • Beige lip stick
  • Opalescent lip glaze
  • Artificial eyelashes
  • Eyeshadow pots (black, purple, & blue)

Step – 1. Use Spirit Gum to glue down the eyebrows. This creates a smooth surface to work with when applying make-up later.

Step – 2. Apply base cream foundation in white over the entire face and neck with a makeup sponge. Apply a thicker layer over the eyebrows to make sure they disappear. Then set the foundation with colorless finishing powder. Setting cream or liquid foundation prevents it from migrating into any lines or sliding down off your face.

Step – 3. Stipple white Aquacolor foundation on top of the white cream to add depth of color. Set this layer with more finishing powder.

Step – 4. Use a string to align the top of your forehead to the bridge of your nose. Mark out a dotted line as a straight guide line using black eyeliner. Fill in the dotted line with black Aquacolor paint. Repeat this step to complete the rest of the black line work, again using the string as a guide for symmetry.

Step – 5. Apply purple and black eye shadow only to the lids. Add adhesive to the artificial lashes and wait about 30 seconds before applying them to your eyelids. It’s recommended you curl your natural lashes, creating a shelf to hold the weight. Use black Aquacolor paint to bring the black line work onto the top eyelids and below.

Step – 6. Part your lips slightly and apply beige lip liner to your natural lip line, then fill it in with beige lipstick. Finish off with a top coat of opalescent lip glaze.

Step – 7. Lightly contour your cheeks, jawline, neck and nose with light blue eye shadow.

Step – 8. Add a silver, long-haired wig to complete your look. Pro tip: bring the black lines into the hair line of the wig.

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by Risa Suraya

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