Experience the Enterprise at STLV 2013

For decades fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation have dreamed of beaming aboard the USS Enterprise-D, taking a seat next to Cmdr. Data at the helm, standing beside Lt. Worf at the tactical station, and sitting in the captain’s chair. This dream can become a reality, but we need your help to Make It So.

Trek Radio, along with STOked Radio and Priority One, are teaming up with Huston Huddleston’s New Starship to bring the iconic Enterprise-D bridge restoration project to Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Las Vegas convention this August — but we can’t do it alone. We need the support and contributions of the Star Trek fans. To that end we have launched the “Experience the EnterpriseIndiegogo campaign to help bring the Enterprise-D to the fabulous Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Navigate your browser to and contribute to this fantastic effort to help make our dreams of the future into reality in the present. Your generous contributions will not only enable Trek Radio to broadcast live from the bridge of the Enterprise-D at STLV but will also enable fans in attendance to experience the Enterprise-D first hand with a chance to sit in the captain’s chair, take photos on the bridge in costume, and meet celebrities.

In addition to helping us bring the currently restored bridge set pieces to the convention, contributors to the Experience the Enterprise campaign have access to a number of great incentives including the chance to play a Star Trek Online special taskforce mission with an all-star team of STO podcasters, special in-game items, access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content on the website, a chance to be a guest DJ on Trek Radio, one of the limited edition laser-etched bridge dedication plaques from a chance to record an interview with a celebrity, and more!

Contributions to the campaign will help cover the cost of shipping the large pieces of the bridge set to the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, cover the costs of reserving the floor space in the convention’s vendor room, as well as internet and electricity needed to power the bridge and broadcast from on-location.

Help us help you to experience the Enterprise-D and support our epic endeavor to bring New Starship to Las Vegas.

by Deyvid