Eugene Roddenberry & Sci-Fried LIVE interviews coming up – submit your questions! is very happy to announce the first two interviews coming for you all during the month of November.

On Saturday, November 6th at 1pm PST (4pm EST, 9pm GMT), we will be interviewing the Star Trek and Science Fiction themed band, Sci-Fried and on Saturday, November 13th at 1pm PST (4pm EST, 9pm GMT) we have a very special guest joining us, Mr Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, son of the late Gene & Majel Barret Roddenberry.


Sci-Fried was formed in early 2007 by Chuck Silver and Jim Frederick out of a love for Science Fiction and Rock music, bringing life to the new and exciting concept of “geek rock”. Joined by the Chuckcon crew, we began writing parodies of popular songs with the flavor of our favorite movies and TV shows. Dr. Vern and Mike Jensen (KSV) soon added their vocal abilities.  With Sunni Simmons on Bass we bringing the true vision of Sci-Fried to life. The parodies led to original music of the same “geek rock” flavor.  The evolution of Sci-Fried into its present day Force was complete.

Some of their most popular Star Trek songs include; My Name Is Spock 2.0, TNG 2.0 and Trippin’ Through The Wormhole

If you have a question for Sci-Fried, please send it to with the words “Sci-Fried Question” in the Subject Line!

Be sure to tune in on November 6th at 1pm PST (4pm EST, 9pm GMT)

Eugene Roddenberry

The name “Eugene Roddenberry” needs no description attached to it – he is the son of the late Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barret, the mother and father of Star Trek and he fully embraces his legacy.

Most recently, Eugene has been working on the upcoming “Trek Nation” documentary which features a series of exclusive interviews and unique look at the life of Gene Roddenberry through his son’s eyes.

In 2009, he formed the Roddenberry Dive Team which is dedicated to the exploration, education and preservation of the Earth’s oceans.

In addition, he worked as a production assistant on Star Trek: The Next Generation and has acted as a consultant on the Star Trek: New Voyages / Phase II fan series.

With a life that is so heavily influenced by Star Trek, Star Trek Radio is more than honoured to be having him on the air on November 13th at 1pm PST.

If you have a question that you would like to ask Eugene Roddenberry, please submit it to “” with the words “Eugene Roddenberry Question” in the subject line.

Coming Soon….

Also coming in November, we will be hosting a live interview with Rick Sternbach.   Rick Sternbach has had a long involvement with Star Trek – he worked as an illustrator on Star Trek: The Motion Picture and later worked with Andrew Probert on the creation of Star Trek: The Next Generation.   Sternbach helped define the look of the 24th century that would be used throughout The Next Generation and the series that followed it, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.

Finally, towards the end of November, we will be broadcasting a pre-recorded interview with actor and comedian Simon Pegg – perhaps best known to trek fans worldwide as the new “Scotty” from “Star Trek: XI”.   We got the chance to sit down with Simon Pegg in October for a mammoth five hour interview which is currently being edited down to a more digestable size.

Be sure to look for broadcast dates for both of these interviews later on in November.


This weekend on October 30th, we got the chance to interview writer Kevin Anderson, who was co-author of the new “Night of the Living Trekkies” book that is available in book stores now.

This one hour interview is now available in our “On-Demand” section for download – visit the on-demand section by clicking here

by Trek Radio Staff