Earlier This Year…..FedConXX

Earlier this year, Trek Radio attended FedConXX in Dusseldorf, Germany – a fantastic convention where we had the chance to meet alot of great folks!

8 months later, and the official FedConXX DVD is almost ready for release and in preparation for this, IntexDigital have released a couple of promo videos, one of which features Trek Radio in a couple of spots – you can see the video here – Trek Radio can be seen at 1:09, 1:15, and most awesomley at 2:00 – 2:05 where I can be seen chatting with Marina Sirtis and shaking her hand after she roasted me in the press conferance!

To commemorate our awesome FedConXX experience, we are releasing this new audio file where you can hear all of Trek Radio’s notable appearences – during the segment, we chat with Nicole de Boer, Garret Wang, Richard Dean Anderson, Marina Sirtis, Scott Bakula and more!  Get this file in our on-demand section or by listening below: clicking right here!

In addition, we are releasing a previously un-released interview with did with Carel Struycken who played Mr Homn in Star Trek: The Next Generation which you can grab in our on-demand section at

Finally, if you missed it, you can check out all of our FedCon XX coverage from earlier this year by visiting the following summary page – there are hundreds of awesome photos and much much more – check it all our using the following links:

Girls of FedCon:

Panel Coverage:




by Trek Radio Staff