Destination Star Trek Preview

The Trek Radio crew arrived in Frankfurt, Germany early Thursday morning and have been busy ensuring our audience gets an exclusive sneak peek at the festivities for Destination Star Trek Germany. Set-up started at 7:00am local time in Frankfurt. Everyone involved has been working extremely hard to get the whole convention constructed on time.

The amount of progress truly shows. The event coordinators commissioned the construction of a Star Trek The Next Generation bridge for this very event. It was almost fully set up when our team began their tour of Hall 3.1. The two Stages (A and B) have working sound and are just waiting on microphones to be put in place. The Klingon lounge is being assembled with warrior weapons, comfy seats (not made of metal) and lots of Klingon decor. The booths are coming along nicely with a few just finishing up on final presentation ready for fans to view and buy merchandise. All in all the whole event looks absolutely amazing and the building itself offers a lovely sci-fi feel to it.

During the Warriors’ Den on Thursday evening, Miss Risa called in via Skype to give our listeners an update on her trek to Frankfurt as well as all the panels and activities we will be covering during the convention. You can listen to Risa’s road report on our On-Demand page.

Throughout the weekend, Trek Radio’s very own Miss Risa, Zach and Phelpster will be provide coverage of the event via Twitter, photos, and videos which will be posted on our special page for Destination Star Trek Germany: Be sure to check the page often for updates.

by Deyvid