Downtime Completed & Audio Fictions Added to Lineup!

We had some downtime last from around 1am GMT until 11am GMT – this was scheduled downtime which should have been mentioned here, however the scheduled post function failed so the announcement did not go up.

The downtime was to allow for a hard drive and RAM upgrade on the server to insure smooth running once we go into full launch this weekend.

Star Trek Audio Fictions Added to Lineup

On a more positive note, we have been in contact with several leading Star Trek Audio fictions recently, and we are happy to announce that several of them are being added to our schedule from next week.

Week by week, we will air the episodes in sequence and follow the various stories and missions of:

  • Starship Excelsior
  • Star Trek: The Continuing Mission
  • Star Trek: Defiant

We are in talks with several other audio shows to include them in our schedule, however the above 3 will be part of our launch lineup and they are all very very good, and very very entertaining!

Of course, you can all head to the various websites of these shows and listen to them all right now, however we hope you will all choose to join us week by week and indulge in their stories and missions on!

by Trek Radio Staff