Doug Drexler Interview (Part 2) available in on-demand!

Trek Radio is very happy to offer the second part of our interview with Doug Drexler, conducted on Saturday 22nd January from 10am until 12pm Midday PST, for download in our on-demand section!

Our second interview with Doug is certainly action-packed and the entire interview ended up being a call-in show, with back to back callers that literally almost crashed our non-existant switchboards!

So many great people called in and suprised Doug during this interview, including:

  • Craig Binkley (Property Master for Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Michael Okuda (a man who needs no introduction!)
  • Sam Witwer (who played a Xindi Arboreal in Enterprise,  also Crashdown in Battlestar Galactica and is currently starring in SyFys new show, Being Human)
  • Margaret Clark (editor and writer for Pocket Books, and comic books companies DC and Marvel!)
  • Guy Vardaman (a stand-in performer who often appeared in the role of Darien Wallace on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also served as photo double for Data during the majority of the show’s run)
  • ….and many more!

The interview session is jam packed and features a tonne of cool info including:

  • Craig Binkley and Doug discuss various Enterprise behind the scenes secrets.
  • Doug prompts Craig to reveal a funny story involving a fly and a strange fasination with bugs….
  • Michael Okuda calls in and dicusses what he is working on right now (Infinite Space), and Doug gushes about how thankful he is that Michael hired him!
  • Sam Witwer calls in and he and Doug talk about Blood and Chrome (the whole show is green screen).
  • Doug reveals that he is  very excited to be back working on Battlestar and kicking some toaster ass!
  • Doug talks about CGI and Visual Effects on DS9 and what its like to have a VFX team on Blood and Chrome!
  • Sam Witwer takes credit for the Cylons Human Sized hands in Battlestar Galactica!
  • Sam also talks about his various roles in Star Trek and the weird voicemails he used to leave for Doug.
  • Margaret Clarke calls in and talks books books books with Doug!
  • …..and, most importantly, Doug answers the age old question about toilets on the Enterprise 1701-D!

This is just some of the super-cool and suave information revealed during this interview, so do not delay another moment and head to our on-demand section and download it now or click the following link to grab the MP3 directly (right click and save target as).

We are going to be having Doug back on a regular basis, so be sure to look out for future interview dates with Doug where you can call in with YOUR questions!

by Trek Radio Staff