Doug Drexler Interview available for download!

The amazing interview with Doug Drexler conducted yesterday morning at 11am on December 18th is now available for download in our on-demand section!

Weighing in at 2 hours and 22 minutes, the interview covers alot of ground; we start back in the sixties during Drexler’s childhood and speak a little about his first experiences with Star Trek.  Following on from that, we spoke a little about his “Federation Outpost” store which he ran during the seventies and then chatted about how he become a makeup artist! We then go on to talk about some of his movies including Starman, how he got involved in Star Trek: The Next Generation, some time was spent discussing Enterprise, the movies, Dick Tracy and many many other subject.

In addition, the beautiful and amazing actress, Barbara Luna [imdb] (Lt. Marlena Moreau from the TOS episode Mirror Mirror!) called in during the show for a while and she and Drexler spoke a little back and forth, even dueting for a short section!  If that wasn’t enough, veteran designer Steve Neill [imdb] (The Motion Picture, Ghostbusters, Puppetmaster) called in as well and spoke with Drexler for a short while!

All of that said, after two hours, we had to bring this part of the interview to a wrap as Drexler had to get away for some christmas festivities, however we have much more ground to cover so we are labelling this as “Part 1” and we are currently working too schedule Part 2!

You can download this interview from our on-demand section by clicking here or you can click here to download the MP3 directly!

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by Trek Radio Staff