DJ Bear Reporting from FedCon 20

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I know it’s Day 3 and you haven’t heard much from myself, what can I say it’s been busy for me resting on a bench in the sunshine, developing a rather nice tan if I may say so myself. Well what have I done since I arrived really apart from the nice bench I have found to use as a sun lounger, first day was tiring to say the least straight to work off the plane. I have never really experienced a convention scene before, first of all crowded does not begin to describe the mass movement of people in tiny spaces. The large halls that accommodate the number of people trying to all squeeze in all to see these people that have shaped the franchise that is Star Trek. As you know from Zach’s previous posts the people and guests that are here, the panels we have been too, I give Zach his due everyone of them he has outstandingly put a question out there that will remind people of Trek Radio. Even when he has made a few slip ups, got shouted at by Marina and even told Nicole is attraction to Doctor Bashier, which was quickly corrected lol.

For those new listeners, people tuning in from there trip to FedCon 20 Welcome and hope your enjoying what your getting to listen to on the station. I will be back to work next week with my regularly scheduled show, and here is a little something for those of you just tunning in and are at FedCon 20. If you can find me tomorrow walking around the convention, come up to me and say “Hey DJ Bear I listen to Trek Radio” as load as you can I will give you a Trek Radio t-shirt. There’s your challenge peeps, I will be there from 9ish I don’t do early mind you, until about 19ish tomorrow.  I will not be in hiding or at my bench busy busy last day I hope, enough from me see ya all tomorrow.

DJ Bear

by Trek Radio Staff