Contest and Live Interview with Sci-Fried Band


Are you interested in winning a copy of Sci-Fried’s ‘Geeks Unite’ or ‘Ramming Speed’? Submit your name and email to with the correct answers for a chance to win. The competition closes on November 14th at Midnight PST. Winners will be announced on November 15th by 2pm PST.

Trivia Contest:

1) According to their website, when was Sci-Fried formed?
2) Sci-Fried has two albums out at the moment, what are they?
3) Finally, how many members are there in Sci Fried?


If you missed today’s live interview with Sci-Fried on Star Trek Radio, be sure to check the On-Demand page in the next few days! Download their songs on their website Sci-Fried Band. You can check out the band online at:

Sci-Fried Geeks on Twitter
Sci-Fried Band on Facebook
Sci-Fried Band on MySpace
ChuckCon Channel YouTube

You can also link to them on Star Trek Radio’s Facebook or Twitter groups!

by Risa Suraya