Chase Masterson Interview available for Download

Our interview with Chase Masterson which took place on Saturday 25th September at 1pm PST is now available for download in our On-Demand section!

During the bumper 2 hour interview, Chase Masterson along with STO-Radio founder Zach Nicodemous and Managers Tony Tuthill (Kinneas) and “MightyMundane” talked about a variety of topics including her involvement in Star Trek Online, her support for the Federation fan club, her inspirations and her singing career, along with a wide range of community questions and caller questions.

About her involvement with Star Trek Online she said:

I met one of the guys for Star Trek Online a couple of years back at a convention in Northern California, and I honestly forget whether they came up to my table or I went up to their, but I said “This is so awesome, what you are doing and I am really excited for you guys, I am really looking forward to seeing what happens” – I think that planted this seed.

Then, earlier this year a fan by the name of Jared was e-mailing me saying that apparently there was a ground swell of fan support about having me come into Star Trek Online and playing Leeta – which I thought was a really fun idea – and having the first ever game of Dabo, because there has never been a game of Dabo.

I think its great on Cryptics part because people have been asking since the show, when can I play Dabo, so that bounced back and forth for a while and then Cryptic approached me and we put the deal together.

You can download the full interview for your listening pleasure in our On-Demand section at

by Trek Radio Staff