Captain’s Table Interviews: Typhon Pact Author Series (Updated)

The Captain’s Table regularly celebrates storytelling in all forms, especially emphasizing Star Trek novels which continue the adventures of our favorite characters. This April, on three consecutive Saturdays, hosts TimeWarp and Nydra will conduct a series of live author interviews relating to the Typhon Pact novels, inviting three Star Trek novelists to the Captain’s Table to discuss their Typhon Pact novels as well as their other projects.

On April 13, 2013, David R. George III will join TimeWarp and Nydra to discuss the Typhon Pact novels Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn. Then on April 20, Michael A. Martin will sit with TimeWarp and Nydra to discuss his Typhon Pact novel Seize the Fire. Wrapping up the April author series, on April 27 Dayton Ward will dock at the Captain’s Table to discuss Paths of Disharmony.

These interviews are scheduled to debut during the Trek Radio Presents timeslot and will be replayed on a subsequent edition of the Captain’s Table. Each interview will also be posted on the On-Demand page for streaming anytime.


Archives of the interviews with David R. George III, Michael A. Martin, and Dayton Ward have been posted to Trek Radio’s On-Demand section for streaming anytime.

by Deyvid