CapnLogan goes on Shore Leave for Bungie

Less than 24-hours after our EPIC 3-hour “Tribble’s in Ecstasy Ship Design Special” where the Ship Busters crew interviewed CapnLogan, Adam Ihle and Sean Tourangeau came some devastating news from Twitter.

Adam Williams, loved by all in the STO community as the Lead Ship Designer will be leaving…

Adam Williams (CapnLogan) Twitter: “I have bad news and good news. Bad news is im leaving STO and CRYPTIC in two weeks. Good news is I’m going to Bungie to work on their new title. Ian Richards will be replacing me permanently. Thanks for the wishes all. Ian is highly skilled. Trained in ships by yours truly. I’ll surely keep posting but probably no ‘leaks’ “

In the Beginning…

In October of 2009, just months before Star Trek Online was released in early February, Williams made the jump from Associate 3D Artist on Sony Computer Entertainment’s projects to Staff Environment Artist and Ship/Vehicle Artist for Cryptic Studios, the creators of famed City of Heroes/ Villeins and popular Free to Play Champions Online.

Due to the pure love of Star Ships from the community in STO, Williams quickly grew to be a DEV favorite in who’s popularity rivals that of Executive Producer Dan Stahl (dstahl), Lead Designer Al Rivera (CaptainGeko) and Content Designer Dan Griffis (Gozer).

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by Risa Suraya