Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

Welcome, nerds, nerdettes, comic book geeks, cult-classic enthusiasts, sci-fi freaks, anime-aficionados and horror buffs, to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo – Western Canada’s largest pop culture convention and the 2nd largest in all of Canada!

That’s right, this weekend fans across all genres converge on Canada to celebrate, mingle, rub shoulders, and cosplay their way through one of the best conventions Canada has to offer and Trek Radio, Geek Nation Tours, The Star Trek Girl, and are leaving no fan left behind. Be sure to follow the Twitter feeds below for up-to-the-minute information and images from the convention floor.

Alex, The Star Trek Girl, will join us for an on-air report discussing Calgary Expo 2012, so stay tuned to Trek Radio for all your convention coverage needs. In the meantime, boldly go to her Flicker photostream for pictures from the convention.

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CalgaryExpo Friday: Gates McFadden and Denise Crosby TNG Panel Report
CalgaryExpo Saturday: Photos From Star Trek: TNG Cast Reunion Event

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The Arrival


Fun at the Geek Nation Tours Booth!

Call in the Marines!

Going Batty!



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