Brandon from Cryptic on Trek Radio for PewPew PVP Today!

Brandon Felczer of Cryptic Studios will be joining Trek Radio later today during the latest PVP event which he is hosting for STO players!

The event begins at 8pm GMT / noon PST / 3pm EST.   Here are the plans from Brandon himself:

Let’s plan to meet on Drozana station then and we’ll queue up for public matches. Feel free to come in whichever ship/ class you would like, on either faction. We’ll try and do 30 minutes of space and 30 minutes of ground. Please join Zone chat, the OrganizedPvP channel or the REDALERT channel to see any communication/ instructions from myself.

Brandon will be on air with us throughout the event, so you can tune into Trek Radio for live coverage of the event, commentary from Brandon and much more!

by Trek Radio Staff