Boobs of Khan: A Star Trek Burlesque

As many listeners of Trek Radio know, I pride myself on staying abreast of all the latest Star Trek news and information. I ride the swells of popular opinion, navigating the peaks and valleys of groundbreaking science fiction and fantasy; all the while supplanting myself deep within the bosom of Trek culture. So when the opportunity presented itself to attend Boobs of Khan: A Star Trek Burlesque this past Friday night, I set my phaser to fun, grabbed my golden ticket, and boldly ran all the way to the Gorilla Tango Theatre in Chicago.

Boobs of Khan: A Star Trek Burlesque is nothing short of a labor of love. Love of the genre, love of burlesque, and most importantly love of Star Trek. It is an hour long celebration of Trek, geekdom, and female empowerment. Oh, and there are a lot of boobs… But we’ll get to that.

BOK:ASTB (I’ll use the abbreviation because that’s what the kids do) is best summed up in their official description. Really, I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the Enterprise crew are transformed into beautiful, sexy women, a bizarre consequence of the use of the Genesis Device. Khan, ever the opportunist, seizes this moment to attempt to make the crew his harem!

Only advanced technology can revert these changes, so the crew goes back to the future to visit “The Next Generation.” Yet before Data, Worf, and Picard can help our heroes defeat Khan, they must face an assimilating new evil and have at least a few moments with their new alluring female selves…

Take away what you will from that. Revel in the absurdity of it. This is not Roddenberry “Cannon” and you won’t find it on the short list of plot lines for the next J.J. feature film. This is fun for the sake of fun. It’s written and performed by fans who show their love in every detail of the production, right down to their Star Trek inspired pasties.

The show sets the tone from the start with a tongue and cheek play on the iconic opening monologue of the original series and continues on at warp speed. While I am a huge fan of the Enterprise and Reliant space battle in Wrath of Khan, I have to admit I might just like BOK:ASTB’s portrayal even more. The entire room cheered when those shields went down! Its quirky, out of the box fun with the subject matter that makes this production a joy to behold. Each principle performer has her moment to shine. From Worf’s bat’leth dance to the ultimate seduction showdown between Kirk and Khan, each showcase is well developed and exquisitely performed.

Directed by LAMDA, DePaul, and Second City alum Caitlin Costello and choreographed by current Chicago Starlet Honey Halfpint, Boobs of Khan is a must see adult entertainment experience for any Star Trek fan. Alexa Luthor, Baby Davis, Bella Canto (My new favorite Captain), Diva La Visa, Ellie Gator, Sadie Hotkins, Stella Cheeks, and Zabrina Zorelle spin their unique take on Trek every Friday night this month. Go to for tickets and more information.

– DJ Kain

by Deyvid