Aye, Aye Captain…Warp 11 engaged!

Prepare to tune thy ear holes toward Star Trek Radio today at 2:00 PM PST for an interview with Captain Carl Miller & Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer of the galactically famous Warp 11.  As seen on the documentary Trekkies 2 and The William Shatner Roast, Warp 11 is America’s premiere sci-fi rock band. Their albums, Suck My Spock, Red Alert, Boldly Go Down on Me, It’s Dead Jim, Suck My Spock Some More, and their new album Vulcans in Hell are a must for any avid Trek fan!

During the interview, we’ll be asking questions sent in by you and taking call-ins. Be sure to add Hailing.Frequency on Skype to join in the fun. We’ll also be playing some of their hit songs and giving away several copies of their latest album!

Parents lock up your children and brace yourself for some of the most irreverent and twisted Star Trek music in existence. Sure to be smoking felicium and doing body shots off Orion slave girls during the interview will be your Star Trek Radio hosts Zach & Barathul. (This show is rated Mature)

by Risa Suraya