Discover the NASA Story from the Kennedy Space Center!

Join DJ Mighty Mundane as he explores the NASA story with two members of the Management Team at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Eric Stiles, Education Manager at Kennedy Space Center, first visited with his students to inspire them by meeting NASA engineers and hands-on experiences with science. John Stine, Director of Sales and Marketing, has 25 years of experience working for such companies as Universal Orlando, Busch Gardens, and Hard Rock International.

“Sci-Fi Summer weaves science fiction elements with powerful stories of real-life space exploration for a dynamic experience,” said John Stine. “By coupling the awe-inspiring reality of human spaceflight as presented by the Visitor Complex with STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION, the future possibilities of traveling among the stars are presented to inspire the young and young at heart to support the exploration of space.”

Watch all of the in-depth interview below!



by Risa Suraya