Advertise on our FedCon Flyers! [updated]

UPDATE (8th Mar): All spots are now sold out, we will offer additional FedCon advertising oppurtunities shortly!

UPDATE (26th Feb): Only 2 spots left!

We at Trek Radio are happy to annouce that we have a limited offer advertising opportunity available for you all at the moment.  The deadline for this offer is March 20th.

From April 28th, Trek Radio will be attending FedCon in Dusseldorf, Germany and as part of our agreement with the FedCon organizers, we are preparing a run of 6000 (six thousand) full color, double sided glossy flyers which will be placed inside the free gift-bags which get handed out to every attending visitor at the convention.

Trek Radio is offering four advertising spots on the rear of these flyers, at the following size per ad spot:

  • 105mm (height) by 74mm (width)

This is not a huge spot by any means, however it is a great oppurtunity for some highly targeted advertising and remember, these flyers will be going into the free gift bags that are handed out to 6000 Star Trek and Sci-Fi fans – they are not something easily thrown away such as is the natural tendancy when you are handed a flyer randomly!

The cost of each advertising spot is €69.00 (aprx $95.00 USD) and if you are interested in takin 2 spots, side by side (for a total of 105mm x 148mm) thne you will recieve a slight discount, with both spots for €129.00 (aprx $178.00)

If you are interested in advertising on these flyers, please contact – we must have your payment and artwork by no later than March 20th, so please keep this deadline in mind when considering this offer.

Thanks for your support!

by Trek Radio Staff