9 New Infinite Space Screenshots, FedCon, more!

GameForge and Keen Games have kindly provided Trek Radio with 9 new screenshots to showcase their amazing browser based MMORPG, Star Trek: Infinite Space!  In the screenshots, you can see the amazing graphics that are going to be present in the game as well as an example of the user interface!

It should be noted that these images are all from a pre-alpha build of Infinite Space and according to our sources, the game is changing and improving daily!

GameForge have also announced that they are going to be attending FedCon in Dusseldorf, Germany later this month with several members of the games team on-location to answer YOUR questions about the game, as well as a playable version of the game that attending guests will be able to try out!

As many of you know, Trek Radio will be attending the convention and we plan to provide full coverage of Star Trek: Infinite Space.  It should also be noted that we will be conducting an exclusive interview with the development team, so if you have any questions you’d like asked, be sure to email them to !

by Trek Radio Staff