17.01 Celebration & Cold Equations Drawing

One year ago on January 17, 2012, Star Trek Online made the successful transition to Free-to-Play. In some calendar notation systems, the date is displayed with the day before the month, appearing as 17 January, or 17.01 – which resembles the registry number of the original U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. To celebrate the Free-to-Play anniversary as well as the significance of the date as symbolic to Star Trek fans, TimeWarp and Nydra will feature special segments on their show, Captain’s Table.

One of the goals of the Captain’s Table broadcast is to explore and promote storytelling. With this in mind TimeWarp and Nydra will welcome STO players to share meaningful stories about the inspiration behind the names of their starships. Is the ship named in honor of a mythical figure, a historical event, a family member, or something that holds significance to the player? Between 17.01 and the upcoming third anniversary of STO, TimeWarp and Nydra will invite listeners to join them on the show to discuss starship names live on-air, as well as reading some of the emails sent to them which highlight the stories behind players’ starship names. Players can also share the stories behind the names of their characters, and their character’s in-game biography.

In addition to sharing stories about starship and character names in STO, they will also be sharing the chance to win signed copies of the recently released “Cold Equations” trilogy of Star Trek novels by David Mack.

Send your starship name story to between January 17 and February 3, 2013 to be entered into the drawing to win the three signed “Cold Equations” novels. One winner will be chosen randomly from the pool of participating emails received.

The winner of the random drawing will be eligible to receive the “Cold Equations” trilogy of novels (“The Persistence of Memory,” “Silent Weapons,” “The Body Electric”) with each book signed with a personalized inscription by author David Mack. Each book may have a separate customized inscription.

The winner will be contacted via email for further information such as mailing address and desired inscriptions. The winner will be required to pay for shipping and handling to receive the signed paperback novels. Standard U.S. domestic shipping averages $15 USD. International shipping rates may increase shipping and handling cost depending on location. Inquiries requesting an estimate for international shipping are welcomed.

Listeners may opt out of the drawing while still submitting their story to be included on the Captain’s Table broadcast. Please note in the email if the entry is not intended for inclusion into the drawing.

Be sure to tune in to Trek Radio and the Captain’s Table for a new live on-air interview with Star Trek author David Mack coming soon, and listen to the Captain’s Table presenting David Mack’s special broadcast, The Music of Star Trek Vanguard. For more information about David Mack, warp over to his official website,

by Deyvid