Star Trek Online interviews in on-demand!

If you missed our recent interviews with Christine Thompson (lead writer for Star Trek Online) and former executive producer Dan Stahl, which both aired this past weekend on Trek Radio, then good news!

Both interviews are now up for streaming on/or download in our on-demand section at

In our first interview with Dan Stahl, he joined us for is FINAL interview as executive producer of Star Trek Online, we covered hot topics such as free-to-play and why folks should keep paying-to-play over the coming weeks and months, what Perfect World will be bringing to the game in the coming months, the features he is most proud to have gotten in to STO, plus we find out whats next for him and where he is going to be working from now on.

In our second interview, with Christine Thompson, we discuss her feelings on Dan’s departure, free-to-play and Perfect World and what it all means for the storyline over the coming months in Star Trek Online.   She also gives us a small spoiler about the Captain of the Enterprise-F!

Again, you can stream or download both interviews in our on-demand section at

by Trek Radio Staff