Manfred Weinert Interview and Legacy Pack Giveaway

UPDATE: The interview has taken place and the questions have been read on air. The interview will be posted to our On-Demand section very soon, and the questions are listed below.

On February 15, Star Trek Online‘s German Community Manager, Manfred Weinert, joins us live on-air to discuss the upcoming Destination Star Trek: Germany event.

Star Trek Online‘s German team will celebrate the game’s fourth anniversary at DST with on-stage panels, a Meet and Greet, and more. As part of the celebration, Cryptic Studios and Trek Radio will give away two (2) Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus Legacy Packs. One Legacy pack will be given away at the Destination Star Trek event, and one will be given away in an on-air trivia contest conducted during our interview with Manfred Weinert.

We will read off 3 trivia questions during the broadcast. A winner will be drawn randomly from the pool of correct answers sent to The winner will be announced on or after Monday, February 17 via our website, Facebook and Twitter. (Official contest rules available by request to

Tune in to win this Saturday, February 15 at 9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm GMT.

UPDATE: The three trivia questions for the Legacy Pack are listed below:

1. Name every Star Trek actor whose voice appears in Star Trek Online (in no particular order).

2. According to Star Trek Online‘s Path to 2409 storyline, who convinced the Romulan Praetor to commute Sela’s death sentence?

A. Chulan
B. Donatra
C. Xiomek

3. What mineral wealth was found on Remus?

A. Latinum
B. Benamite
C. Dilithium
D. Kemocite

Additionally, fans in attendance at Destination Star Trek have a chance to win special codes for in-game items. During the event, fans who find Manfred Weinert at the convention will receive a code for the “Monster Maroon” Starfleet uniform worn by Captain Kirk and crew in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. If you’re unable to find Manfriend, take a photo of yourself at DST then email that photo to Manfred at to receive a code for the special Holo-Leeta duty officer which includes the “Convention Veteran” title.

by Deyvid