FedCon XX Day 2 – Marina Sirtis

During the press conferance on the first day, I become a target for Marina Sirtis.  Its true!  At one point, I made the mistake of asking Richard Dean Anderson a question and she didn’t take kindly to that on the basis that I was from TREK Radio.   When I get back home, I’ll post the audio clip of her “laying into” me – she was just playing as we had a hug afterwards and she kissed me on the cheek, however, going into her panel on Day 2, I was a little worried that she might have been serious.

Sirtis was welcomed onto the stage with possibly one of the largest rounds of applause I’ve heard yet during FedCon and after coming onto the stage she introduced members of her family that had flown in from around the world to support her – it was very nice to see!

During her panel, she was asked several great questions such as wether she would want to be empathic in real life (to which she responded no), whether she liked kissing Riker with his beard (no) and a couple of stories regarding her Dog, which Dorn and LeVar Burton tried to microwave one day.   Then I took the oppurtunity to ask a question – I won’t tell you what it was but you can download this file and have a listen to my question here!

Sirtis brought down the house and near the end of the panel she said “I just want to thank you all, you are all f**k**g great, everything I have in my life is because of you”.  She then added “……..My Porsche, My House, My Clothes”.

by Trek Radio Staff