Assistant Managers urgently needed! currently has a team of over 17 DJs with additional content provided by almost a dozen podcasts and audio fictions – as you can imagine, all of this requires managers to keep everything running smoothly, and therefore, we are currently looking for at least:

  • 1 Assistant Manager in the EST Timezone
  • 1 Assistant Manager in the PST Timezone
  • and 1 Assistant Manager in GMT+1 or higher!

Training is provided for most managerial tasks, however we require that you have:

  • A willingness to learn
  • Good people skills
  • The ability to resolve DJ issues and concerns in a timely manager

Some examples of tasks that would be a part of your position include:

  • Communicating with DJs and helping them resolve any concerns or technical issues they may have
  • Updating server-side playlists with the most recent content (podcasts and audio fictions)
  • Troubleshooting server-side technical issues
  • Helping to advertise the station and recruit DJs

If you are interested in being an Assistant Manager, please contact as soon as possible!   It should be noted that STO-Radio is non-profit and therefore this is a voluntary position, though this could change in the future.

by Trek Radio Staff