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Simon Pegg talks with astronaut Kate Rubins aboard the ISS

by Lisa Guetzkow

Simon Pegg, actor and co-writer of Star Trek Beyond, recently discussed the latest installment in the Star Trek franchise with Kate Rubins, a NASA astronaut aboard the International Space Station.

Dr. Rubins said, “I got a chance to watch your movie and I think probably I had the best view because I watched it from our cupola, which is our windows that are facing the Earth.” Pegg remarked there is no better place to watch a Sci-Fi movie than in space. Rubens added, “I got a little distracted by Earth a few times.”

Rubens went on to reflect that the special effects crew for Star Trek Beyond did something right because it absolutely felt like a space station.

Various technological advances have been inspired by Star Trek, one of them being the medical tricorder. Rubins expressed her wish for a real-life tricorder, hoping that life would imitate art in this instance.

Before signing off, Simon Pegg offered his services by saying, “If you need a chief engineer to come and fix your warp core, you know where I am.”

Watch the entire 26 minute interview below:

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