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FedCon Day One – Garrett Wang [photos, coverage]

DJ Bear and I just sat through one hour of eye watering hilarity courtesy of Mr Garret Wang during his first 1 hour panel at FedCon in Dusseldorf, Germany.  During the panel, Wang shared stories from his years on Voyager including:

  • His complete and utter dismay when Harry Kim turned down Seven of Nine’s offer of copulation
  • Practical jokes played on the set including an instance in the pilot episode of Voyager when the cast was preparing for the scene where they are all in gowns being injected – during this, Tim Russ has decided to stuff his crotch with a huge amount of socks, which when revealed caused the entire cast and crew to break down laughing….
  • Another instance at a convention where he ran up to the stage screaming “Kate Mulgrew, Kate Mulgrew” at the top of his lungs with a large photo of her…..when he made it to the stage, he was almost tackled by security until they were radioed and told to “Stand down, stand down!!!” when they realized it was him.

The panel was incredibly funny, and you can view photos by clicking here! More to come later!

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