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Dan Stahl Returns as Executive Producer of STO

It was announced today that Daniel Stahl is returning to the position of Executive Producer for Star Trek Online, while Interim Executive Producer Stephen D’Angelo will return to the position of Chief Technical Officer.

In July 2010, STO game producer Dan Stahl was named as the new Executive Producer after the departure of Craig Zinkievich . In September 2011, Dan Stahl announced he would be leaving Cryptic to work with Zynga. A few months later, in December 2011 Dan Stahl returned to Cryptic as the Senior Managing Producer for the Foundry (UGC) tools. During this time, Lead Programmer Stephen D’Angelo stepped up to fill the position as Interim Executive Producer for Star Trek Online.

Stephen D’Angelo stated that Cryptic did an extensive search for the right person to permanently assume the role of Executive Producer and determined the best man for the job is Cyptic’s very own Dan Stahl. Dan issued the following statement via subspace communiqué:

“With a deep appreciation for the responsibility bestowed on the position, I’ve reaccepted the duty of Executive Producer on Star Trek Online. After several eventful away team missions and a desk position training cadets in San Francisco, I’m grateful for the opportunity to be back at the helm of this very important title.

With the incredible success of Free to Play comes great responsibility and even greater challenges. Our CTO, Stephen D’Angelo, has done a tremendous job over the last several months. It is with great respect for him and the game that I return to the Captain’s chair while he moves forward to drive exciting new technical initiatives.

Star Trek Online lives as a testimony to the spirit of Star Trek fans everywhere, and together we will boldly go into the future.”

Trek Radio and the Star Trek Online community are happy to welcome Dan Stahl back to full time service as Executive Producer of the game we all love and enjoy, and we look forward to boldly going warp speed ahead with Dan in the captain’s chair.

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